Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting my Booty in these Boogies

Boogie Short
Lululemon Boogie Short

I want boogie shorts and I would like to think that  boogie shorts want me. You know, all of me; even the side of butt cheek that's bound to hang out the boogie short because there'sclearly not enough  boogie in that short  to cover  me.

I'm getting some Lululemon boogie shorts. Yep, I am.

These shorts are hella short and I know it, but I have a purpose for them...bikram yoga, my friends.  That's why I need ity bitty boogie shorts.

Bikram Yoga, often referred to as hot yoga, is a discipline comprised of a sequence of 26 poses conducted in a room heated over 100 degrees.  It's hot.   Like all I want to wear in a room this hot are boogie shorts and a bra top hot. 

Being in the hot yoga with anything more than a little boogie short just hot and I'm not trying to be any hotter than I have to be.

The bikram studio reminds me of the dance studios that I spent most of my youth and adolecense in.  In these studios I learned to be comfortable in my body and not to judge other people's bodies. 

**Update** I tried on the shorts and they were offensive. Can you say too much boogie in the back!  Whoo Whee! 

Back to my capris and maybe some 3" shorts for yoga. 

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