Friday, May 11, 2012

'Cause it's my birthday

Since it's my birthday I decided I would eat, eat, and eat some more.  Don't get me wrong I'm not overweight or anything like that, but I definitely can get down.

*Breakfast- fruit, pastry, bagel, juice, cupcake
*Lunch- thai mango chicken
*Happy Hour- cornona & fries pilfered from other's plates
*Snack- stella
*Birthday Dinner at Clementines- apricot stuffed chicken leg, the best damn grits e-v-e-r, braised kale, and strawberry shortcake

To say the least, I'm full.  The good thing is that I'm not only full off of good food, but also good relationships and an overall good day. My family, my son and my friends are what make me stop and think about how special my birthday really is.

Mike is a sweet heart and surrounded me with the things that make my birthdays come alive.  I had flowers and cards waiting for me at work, lunch purchased by friends, andI skipped out of work early to go to the movies. Boo ya.

I have a 5k tomorrow and a clean eating starts on Monday.  If it weren't for the gray strands in my cornrows I would never guess that I'm 32.  God is good, life is good and 50 said it's my birthday.


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